How Flamingo Cleaners works

At Flamingo Cleaners we interview, train and background check our cleaners and then match one of them to each client depending on skills, location and availability. We create detailed job sheets for each client so a replacement cleaner could step in at short notice if necessary. Our cleaners all use our mobile app check-in and check-out system which gives our clients complete piece of mind as we can monitor the time spent at properties and if cleaners are running late etc. We do all the liaison work with cleaners on the client’s behalf should any matter, big or small, need addressing.

 Cost involved

Clients pay their cleaner £10 per hour direct to them in the way that suits both parties eg. cash, cheque.

Clients pay Flamingo Cleaners £2.50 per hour administration fee which is collected via GoCardless (a secure online payment system).

Clients only pay when cleaning takes place.

 Accessing clients’ houses

We background check all of our cleaners so clients can trust them to clean when they are out. We recommend the use of a key safe (which we sell for £15, or fitted for £20) so clients can leave keys somewhere safe. If clients would rather give their cleaner a key we log it in our system and tag the key with a unique code so there is no personal information on display.

 Cleaning products

All clients need to provide a mop, toilet brush and vacuum cleaner (plus an iron and ironing board if ironing is required).

In addition each cleaner will need the following –

Bin bags
Extendable fluffy duster with removable head washed in between visits
Washing up liquid
4 dusters *
8 microfiber cloths *
Rubber gloves *
Scourer *
Toothbrush *
Toilet cleaner *
Glass cleaner *
Multi-surface cleaner *
Polish *
Floor cleaner *
Caddy to carry products and cloths *

Optional – Anti-bac wipes, limescale remover.

*These items are included in our cleaning kits. It is £28 for our premium Method pack (eco-friendly products made with non-toxic ingredients and not tested on animals) and £18 for our standard pack. These represent a 25% saving on the standard retail price.

 What cleaners do and don’t do

Washing up – If washing up is left out then cleaners will wash up or load the dishwasher. They will also put away any clean items left on the side. However remember washing up may eat heavily into cleaning time!

Washing and ironing – If washing and ironing are required we can match an appropriate cleaner and ensure enough time is allocated for this.

Oven cleaning, carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning – These cannot be part of a regular weekly clean but are services we provide.

For health and safety reasons our cleaners do not offer the following services –

Lifting items over 25lbs
Dusting and vacuuming surfaces out of normal reach
Cleaning pet messes and heavily soiled areas, including cleaning cat litter trays
Cleaning of mould and bio-hazardous material, including blood and body fluids
Deep stain removal
Landscaping and/or gardening work
Cleaning of garages and patios
Extermination (insects, rats etc.)
Pet care
Cleaning outside of windows
Working at height – using a ladder or step ladder

Clients are welcome to make special requests, and if they are possible they can be added to client job sheets at any point.


When we interview cleaners we find out if they are comfortable in a home with pets. If a client has pets we ascertain whether there are specific instructions such as keeping certain doors closed. If clients get a pet after their cleaner has started we ask them to contact us to add the information to their job sheet. Cleaners will not feed, clean, walk or care for pets.


All our cleaners are self-employed contractors with their own insurance. We ask clients to inform us of any damage/breakage within 72 hours of a cleaner’s visit and we ask for photos and full details. We then liaise with cleaners to confirm whether they are responsible, and if so, ask them to cover the cost. Cleaners would not cover the cost of general wear and tear caused by normal cleaning.

We have insurance which covers extreme cases such as fire or serious injury, but doesn’t cover damage or breakage.


We ask all our cleaners to give at least 1 month’s notice for any planned holiday. We then contact clients to let them know the dates their cleaner will be away and discuss what arrangements they would like made. Subject to availability we may be able to reschedule cleans with a substitute cleaner but this is not guaranteed. If a cleaner has keys to a property we expect them to hand them to us for safe keeping before they go away.


If a cleaner is ill we ask them to give us reasonable notice. However, in reality this may be the night before or morning of a clean. In this situation we would contact clients to inform them that their cleaner is ill, and subject to availability we may be able to reschedule cleans with a substitute cleaner – but this is not guaranteed.

 Cancelling a clean

If a client needs to cancel a clean we ask them to give us 48 hours notice if possible so we can let our cleaner know. If a clean is cancelled at shorter notice than this we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of £10 which is stated in our terms and conditions. We ask that clients give us advance notice of holidays.

 Commercial and specialist cleaning

In addition to homes Flamingo Cleaners provide office and retail cleans. We can also offer end of tenancy and after builder cleaning. Please contact us for details or if you have any questions relating to specific areas of cleaning.


It is important to us that our cleaners and clients are happy. We request feedback from clients from time to time and also undertake drop in visits. We make regular contact with our cleaners.



After being incapacitated for a while and therefore not able to do any cleaning, I was desperate to find a good cleaner. I turned to Flamingo Cleaners who had been recommended to me by a friend. I was very impressed with their response and even more impressed with the cleaning that followed – quick and efficient but with attention to detail. Thank you Flamingo Cleaners – I will heartily recommend you.

Susan, Rise Park


It was my first time having a cleaner today. I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the level of personal service I received, from my first visit with Rachel right through to the follow-up courtesy call this afternoon, not to mention my shiny bathroom and kitchen! Thank you Flamingo Cleaners.

Louise, Papplewick


Great job, highly recommended for a friendly service and a thorough clean. Thank you.

Becky, Ruddington